Motivating and pleasant space for employees and customers


You will catch the interest of the customers on the first green sight. Your employees will appreciate an enjoyable and engaging working area.

Green walls are suitable

for improving the environment in:

- hotels, restaurants, cafeterias

- office spaces

- schools

- retail stores

- healthcare facilities

- public spaces

- basically, every place which needs a green spirit

Reception Litomysl (CZ)


  • The ecosystem of its own

-Reduce dust

-Increase air humidity

-Healthier breathing

-Good for allergic people

-Less cleaning

  • Complete service without worries

-We take care of idea, through project and building to maintenance.

-Easy installation without damaging the wall

-Movable - if you move, your green wall can go with you

  • Individual design

-From small to big - few flowers in the frame on the wall to the vast green walls

-Put your favorite flowers - I will advise you which are the best for your place and growing

-Possible to install Indoors and also outdoors

  • Simple care

-Water once per week is enough.

-You will get a manual on how to take care of your green wall

-If you wish, I will help you with further maintenance

Coffee shop Turnov (CZ)

How it works

  1. Contact me and say/write (link to contacts) to me your idea

  2. Meeting

  3. Meeting at green wall place. I will explain to you how it works, show you different possibilities, we can discuss the flowers you want to have.

  4. I will send you the project and the price. If you agree and like it, we will continue with the project. We will decide on the day of installation.

  5. The building of the green wall

  6. Most of the projects take up to 1 day. We will also clean the place.

  7. I will explain to you how to take care of your green wall, or I will provide you with the maintenance (we will agree on the plan)

  8. Enjoy your green wall, don’t hesitate to contact me in case of any problems.


Offices in Bratislava (SK)


Ready to make your company greener?