Get nature to your designs.


Bring trending green walls to your projects. Impress your clients with green designs and show them how modern you are.

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Kaufland reception (CZ)

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  • Inspire change

-We know that your designs are already impressive, but you can add the most pleasing touch - add a green wall to your design.

-The green wall helps to improve air quality: moisture air, less dust, healthier breathing.

  • Adaptable to any conditions

-Houses or offices, hotels, cafes, schools, public spaces, and also  outdoors.

-From small designs at houses to considerable walls in the lobby.

-All that is needed is an existing stable wall or a space suitable for constructing such a wall.

  • Simple installation, simple care

-We take care of idea, through project and building to maintenance.

-Easy installation without damaging the wall

-Maintenance is effortless (water once per week), and we can also provide further maintenance.

  • New Dimension in your projects

-Bringing vertical green dimension - on small space, you will have a big and impressive result.

  • Environmentally friendly

-Produces oxygen

-Help companies look greener (literally :)

-The system is built from recyclable plastic.

Offices in Prague downtown (CZ)


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